[Crow Letter]
NIGHT CROWS First Crow Letter
GM Clemens

Black Wings of Freedom,

Greetings, This is NIGHT CROWS.

NIGHT CROWS would like to start this notice by thanking all Crew. We will always put in all our efforts into creating a fun gaming experience. Through these Crow Letters, we will inform Crew with some main Updates that the NIGHT CROWS Team is preparing. For more in-depth information on each individual update, please check the corresponding Patch Note posts.

With the release of this Crow Letter, we have prepared a gift for all Crew to help with your adventures. (The gift will be distributed via in-game mail, and must be claimed within April 5th 11:59pm (UTC+8))

NIGHT CROWS Gift of Gratitude
Dawn's Lustrous Mount/Weapon Style x11 Selection Chest (Bound)
Armor Enhancement Scroll (Bound)

1. About the new Region: ‘ASIA3’ and plans for expanding for new Crew.

- With the opening of ‘ASIA3 Region’, 2 new server groups- totaling to 6 new servers have been added.

Currently, many newcomers to NIGHT CROWS are joining us, and there are a few popular servers with wait times due to a queue. We can continuously open new server groups to temporarily relieve the connection queue as a short term solution. However, NIGHT CROWS is an MMORPG that has a WEB2 based ‘in-game Economy’ and a WEB3 based ‘BlockChain Economy’ which continuously expands, as the two economies are interconnected and circulating with each other.

Opening more servers as fast as possible for new Crew to enjoy can be important. But in the game’s Economical stand-point, it is also crucial to maintain the value of the Token- which is the key that links the two Economies. Additionally, when considering the game’s long term service, creating a fair User Balance for end content, such as competitive content by Servers, Server Groups and World, is very important and must be managed and maintained. 

We plan to thoroughly consider factors, such as: the rate of newcomers joining us in NIGHT CROWS, the change in value of the variety of in-game tokens, and user activity in each Server and Server Group, when we decide on opening new Server Groups.

In a game that has Play & Earn, and World competitive content as some of  its key features- We are preparing a solution to the influx of Crew Newcomers, and we are making sure the method can be appropriately used for NIGHT CROWS. We will share the details on this through another Crow Letter.

2. NIGHT CROWS’ Plans for future Updates.

- New Updates will sequentially begin for the first half of 2024 after April 9th.

After launching NIGHT CROWS on March 12th, the NIGHT CROWS Team has been doing their best to create a smooth and seamless experience for Crew. From here on, we will prepare and launch a variety of content updates to enjoy  in order.

Our main focus for 2024’s first half Updates are character growth and expanding the area of the gameplay based on the game’s current system and contents. Key features to the Main Updates are as follows: 

- New Field area: ‘Tronetel Field’ will be added.

- ‘Extra Quest’ will be added, where the game’s backstory will be told, and additional rewards can be obtained.

- ‘Boss Raid’ and ‘Party Dungeon’ will be added where Crew can collaborate with Crew mates and Guild members to complete the Raid/Dungeon. 

- ‘Outfit System’ will be added, where Crew can obtain new outfits and customize their outfits with dyes.

- ‘Unique Skills’ by class and ‘New Passive Skills’ that are shared with all classes, will be added.

- ‘New Gear’ will be added. They can be obtained in the New fields and content.

- ‘Floor Expansions’ will be added. More floors for current Regular Dungeon and Special Dungeon content will be added.

- ‘Growth/Enhancement Stage Expansion’ and ‘New systems to help convenience of Character Growth and Crafting’ and ‘NPC Merchant Renewal’ will be added.

As we plan for the Updates of 2024’s first half, we continue to plan for contents for the second half of the year with upgrading ‘Character Growth’ and expanding content by Server and/or Server Group into content by World. We plan to launch these content updates in order. Prepare to jump into NIGHT CROWS’ wide-scale battle through future content updates- only experienced in NIGHT CROWS.

With that, we conclude our Update’s features. Additionally, many Crew are experiencing difficulties such as insufficient Gold, and difficulties growing and strengthening their character. We will prepare a few ways to ease these difficulties. Through patches in the game, we will- not only manage balancing issues, but we will also prepare a variety of events that are helpful to Crew. Presenting our vision of “what we can do” in future updates may be important, but we are also continuously seeking ways we can provide ‘Live service and care’ to issues and difficulties Crew are experiencing. As soon as planning and scheduling is complete, we will inform Crew on the next Crow Letter.

Thank you.