NIGHT CROWS Character NFT Playbook

[Character NFT: The Fruits of User Economy]

In NIGHT CROWS, characters with their gear and skills are precious assets that users have put time, effort, and even investment into. And each character contains a vast amount of information.

NIGHT CROWS acknowledges that the ownership of each character belongs to each user within the rules of the game, and supports the minting of characters into NFTs for the conversion of characters into assets.

NIGHT CROWS NFT, created with the character abstraction technology that compresses the vast character data into easily identifiable properties, constitutes one of the two pillars of the blockchain economy alongside tokenomics.

Minting of Character NFTs

In NIGHT CROWS, each character serves as the subject of gameplay, as well as the synthesis of added value generated from the in-game economy. And to connect these in-game characters to the blockchain economy as each user's assets, characters need to be minted into NFTs. Minting of Character NFTs in NIGHT CROWS is available in the NFT game menu, and here are the requirements that must be met.

At level 50 or above
At 2nd Advancement or above
Have 8,000 Diamonds for minting fee

Minting refers to the recording of a Character NFT on the blockchain. This takes place only once for each character, and each character can be played or traded after going through the sealing and unsealing processes.

Trading of Character NFTs and the Marketplace

  • For a Character NFT to be traded, it must have gone through the process of sealing after which it cannot be played and its information cannot be changed anymore. This process also takes place through the in-game NFT menu.
  • For each NFT to be sealed, all requirements must have already been met. And once the sealing is complete, the NFT's status will change so that it cannot be played and will also be removed from the lobby's character select screen. To play the game with the same Character NFT instead of trading it, simply unseal it through Import NFT.
  • Detailed information of characters that have been sealed to be traded such as stats and gear is available under NFT Discovery on the official website ( Such availability of detailed information through NFT Discovery will aid in the formation of fair market values for Character NFTs and resolve the asymmetry of information between the seller and the buyer.